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Bearded Dragon hatch report - Day 361

    About Bearded Dragon eggs

    Bearded Dragon eggs, like most reptile eggs, are not hard-shelled but soft and leathery. Some of the eggs may appear to deflate before the baby Bearded Dragons use their egg teeth to slit open the eggshell and poke their noses out to take their first breath of fresh air.

    Once they've stuck their nose, or whole head, out of the egg they will probably rest for a few hours to gather their strength before fully emerging. Most of the hatchlings won't need to feed for the first few days as they are still surviving off the yolk in their stomachs.

    Stages of growth

    Bearded Dragon egg


    Bearded Dragon


    Bearded Dragon


    Vital Stats

    Bearded dragon

    Bearded Dragon

    The Bearded Dragon lives in the scorching Australian desert, so whenever it finds a refreshing puddle it goes in and soaks up all the water through its bottom.

    Size of Egg
    30mm x 20mm
    Clutch Size
    Incubation period
    60-80 days