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Common Frog hatch report - Day 361

    About Common Frog eggs

    There's no place like home for common frogs, which typically return each year to the same spawning sites where they developed. During mating, the frogs embrace so that males can fertilize eggs while the female is laying them. She can spawn up to 2,000 eggs at once, but of that huge amount only around five will become fully grown frogs - the majority being picked off by fish, birds and snakes. The eggs are surrounded by a mass of clear jelly, which acts as a protective nest and floats on the surface of the water so the sun can warm the developing embryos. Depending on the temperature, it can take between 2-5 weeks for the tadpoles to wriggle free into the water and join the other pond life, most of which lies ready to make a meal out of the new residents.

    Stages of growth







    Vital Stats



    It's not just the French who relish the taste of frog’s legs; the common frog is on the menu for countless animals at every stage of its life. So in spawning season, the priority is to produce as many young as possible.

    Size of Egg
    2mm x 2mm
    Clutch Size
    Incubation period
    14-40 days