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Quail hatch report - Day 361

    Our Quail eggs are decorated with very distinctive patterns, which in the wild would camouflage them while in the nest. Inside the egg, the chicks will penetrate through the internal membranes and into the air space close to the shell where they will begin breathing. From here, the chicks are able to chirp and communicate with each other, which helps synchronise their hatching.

    About a week before hatching, the embryos will have developed an egg tooth on the end of their beaks, which they will use to break their way through the shell. The chicks may take up to an hour to fully emerge and flop out from the egg. The Quails will be exhausted after hatching, and it will take them a while to find their feet as they stumble around getting used to the outside world.

    Some of the chicks will take a little longer to escape from their eggs than others, and bits of shell can occasionally stick to them until their feathers dry, which can take up to 12 hours. Once they hatch we will remove the Quail chicks and place them in a separate enclosure with their brothers and sisters. The Quail chicks will instinctively begin pecking the floor, even though they have some residual yolk left in their stomachs. They shouldn't actually need to feed for a couple of days, but we shall provide them with food straight away.

    Vital Stats



    You're unlikely to see a quail unless you accidentally step on one. They spend most of their lives on the ground but are extremely well camouflaged, a trait that extends to their eggs.

    Size of Egg
    30mm x 23mm
    Clutch Size
    Incubation period
    16-18 days